Furniture Design

app.end Book End
This book end makes asymmetrical what is expected to be symmetrical by revealing, exploiting, and relishing tension. Wood and steel are organized by the texts between them; the tandem weights serve as an analog indexer of time through distance, attesting to the presence of texts and quantifying potential; the plumb bobs translate points vertically like the weights of a grandfather clock.

Reveal Dining Table
This custom maple table celebrates material and structure. The skirts are Vierendeel trusses that support the table surface, while brackets linked to the top and skirts stabilize the legs.

This menorah, made of sprinkler heads normally used for extinguishing flames, represents a contextual shift. It was conceived as a transformation and translation based on the history of the lamp oil that was expected to last only one day but miraculously lasted eight. More than simply a marker of time, the Hanukkah menorah is also a metaphor for time, in both its cyclical and its linear conception. This menorah pivots, implying the inscription of a circle, the fundamental representation of time in cycles.

Golden Section Cabinet
The proportions of this simple quarter-sawn red oak cabinet are based on the mathematical principal of the golden ratio—an object of obsession for mathematicians, artists, architects, and biologists since the days of Pythagoras and Euclid.